Rise Of Communism Essay

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During the Korean War, Russia's communist propaganda influenced people to become communist, especially Americans. During the Korean War, some Americans were becoming attracted to communism. The United States wanted to stop Russia’s ideology of a communist country and the USA wanted to prevent communism from spreading in America. Communism in the United States ended after the Korean War because of anti communist measures. Communism has existed for over a hundred years. Karl Marx was the famous inventor of communism (“Communism vs Socialism”). He was later followed by Joseph Stalin in his support of communism . In communism there is 1 class system . It is a centralized government. Everyone is considered equal in society, even in race . The government controls all of the means of production and land (“Communism vs Socialism”). During World War II, the Soviet Union recruited communist spies from all over the world, and most of them were active during WWII (Schrecker). American Communists had a good connection with Joseph Stalin. After World War II, the Communist party came under attack. (Schrecker). The Soviet Union was spreading communism everywhere and the American government wanted to stop the rise of…show more content…
Americans realized that nobody won the Cold War but the communist enemy was beaten ("The End of the Cold War"). It was hard for Americans to to get used to the fact that the Cold War is over because they were surrounded by American communism. America runs on a democracy today and is safe from communism in their own country. Later after Cold War, Americans hoped for a more acceptable lifestyle ("The End of the Cold War). A lifestyle where Americans get to make their own decisions instead of being ruled. The Korean War was stopped by anti communist enactment. The world was still unsafe from communism. Communism is still a threat, even in today's world (History.com Staff, “Korean
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