Rise Of Monarchs Essay

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During the end of the Renaissance from about 1450 to 1550 Europe underwent many political structure changes. During this time period monarchs were on the rise, and before this time period the Church held all the power in Europe. Due to the plague, the hundred years war, and other factors monarchs began to gain power. After these tragic events the people of Europe began to doubt the abilities of the Church and this is when the monarchs began to gain power. One of the factors that lead to the rise of monarchs was the bubonic plague, or black death. The bubonic plague hit Europe around 1347 and it hit Europe hard. As the black death swept across Europe it killed millions, and almost everyone that caught it would die within a few days. The plague was devastating for all of Europe and during this terrible time everyone was looking up to the most powerful and influential people in Europe, the people of the Church. The Church would pray and do their best to “heal” the people of Europe, but in reality there was nothing the Church could do. With this the people of Europe looked at all these people…show more content…
The hundred years war (1337-1453) was a time of fighting between England and France over land in France. Over the many battles and years of fighting the French ended up winning the war but it helped both countries to the rise of their monarchs. Both the French and the English during this time built and expanded their own armies that were more than just the knights supplied from the nobles. The kings would go out and get more people for their armies so they would have a bigger army. During this war the common men began to feel a sense of patriotism and this shifted the power from the Church, or Lords, to the Nation, or Kings. The Hundred Years War lead to the kings taking over and fighting for their country and gaining and maintaining the power of the country over the
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