Rise Of Prejudice Research Paper

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Prejudice is the pb to the j of Discrimination in social conflict terms. Prejudice is defined as when a person holds an unsupported and often negative stereotyped attitude about members of a particular social group; while discrimination is defined as when those prejudicial attitudes cause members of a particular social group to be treated differently than others in situations that call for equal treatment. There are factors like direct instruction, modeling, and other social influences on learning that tend to catalyze the bias process. There will always be prejudice in the world as we are all different people but there doesn't always have to be discrimination. Ways to lessen prejudice and hopefully wipe out discrimination are education, direct…show more content…
The first is Direct Instruction, which is the most straight forward of the factors that lead to prejudice and then eventually discrimination. It's as simple as a teacher going up to the front of the class and teaching students how to draw a star. Another factor is modeling, modeling is when a person learns how to do something by intimidation alone. This is like when a child is learning how to take a sip out of a glass. They watch their parent and sees that they only slightly tip the glass for some water instead of completely flipping it. While only two have been explained, there are many other social influences that can lead to the formation of wrong ideas that lead to…show more content…
Education is the most important and best way to fight prejudice, many people are actually prejudice simply because they are uneducated about other cultures/groups of people. Another way is Direct Contact, or intergroup contact, is when two groups of people or just two people are put in the same situation and made to work towards a common goal or just be around each other. When people are around each other, they tend to adopt the others characteristics and habits, this helps to form a bond that breaks down the walls of prejudice and really helps to prevent discrimination. The last is equal status contact, this is similar to direct contact but now it is taking status out of the equation. Much like with any culture there is a hierarchy set in place that lets to fighting between groups to be at the top. When status is stripped, the hierarchy breaks down and everyone is equal which lessens fighting for no good
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