Rise Of The New Tech Companies Essay

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RISE OF THE NEW TECH COMPANIES 1101IBA Management Concepts Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Adhocracy 3 3. Bureaucracy 5 4. Conclusion 7 5. References 8 1. Introduction Over the last decade we have seen the emergence of a new breed of organisations that are disrupting every market, regardless of the industry or geographical location. They are driven by technology and globalisation. The world has witnessed ‘the rise of new tech companies’ such as Uber, Airbnb and Facebook that provide software, which act as an interface between customers and businesses. Most of these organisations do not own any assets or resources, but are relying on contractors around the world to perform their services, which has significantly reduced the costs of running a business. These companies have experienced exponential growth and have expanded into different regions around the globe. Ever-changing global markets and digital disruption have forced companies to innovate rapidly, adapt their product and services, and stay connected to local customers. The issue new tech companies are facing is to create an organisational structure that promotes innovation, while being adaptable enough to facilitate their whirlwind growth into the global competitive market. The aim of this report is to find a suitable organisational structure that relates to the potential management problem of these companies. The report will examine and discuss two contrast theories in organisational
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