Rise Of The Texas Republican Party

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Rise of the Texas Republican Party

For decades, the state of Texas was Democratic and then suddenly in 1998 the state flipped to Republican. Currently, Texas is the boldest Republican state in the country. For so long it was Democrat and strongly so but it has been Republican now since the nineties. The big question surrounding this topic is what happened to make it flip suddenly? Well, research provided a very strong answer that I didn’t expect to find. In 1988 two people were voted in that changed everything for Republicans; Kent Hance and Judge Thomas Phillips were the first republicans voted in since the Reconstruction. This kick started a Republican makeover of the state that all through the nineties Texans saw Republicans overtaking Democrats in every area. To understand how this went down in the nineties there must be an examination of the past. The Democratic party was the face of Texas for a century until the Republicans came back stronger than ever.
First and foremost, Texas was not colonized by British settlers. This has always made it stand out as a fiercely independent territory then later a state. The individuals who shaped and formed Texas did so in such a way to hold tightly onto its fierce independence. This fierce independence was fueled throughout the first several decades of Texas existence due to invading foreign armies and the daily struggles of just surviving in the Wild West. Because of this, the people of Texas developed strong work ethics and a…
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