Rise Of Women, Decline Of Masculinity

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Rise of Women, Decline of Masculinity There is no question of whether women are advancing in today’s society or not, it’s a mere fact. However, with facts come opinions. Many individuals are taking this so-called, “cultural advancement” in stride and writers, journalists, and feminists alike are taking it upon themselves to add their own opinions. Some of these opinions vastly contradict each other and end up creating a very intriguing and interesting debate to follow. One thing that I noticed these individuals can’t decide on is the question (turned debate) of, Is masculinity really declining? Some say yes, while others remain obstinate and say no. This idea of declining masculinity has been brought up in the majority of the pieces we read for this section. Works like, The Myth of Male Decline, The Richer Sex, The End of Men, Where the Battle Lines Are, etc… all include their own variation and viewpoint of the debate at hand. However, two specific articles that really hone in on the matter, would be The End of Men by Hannah Rosin and The Richer Sex by Liza Mundy. Both authors, Rosin and Mundy, make it a point to establish the fact that women are undoubtably rising to power not only in the workplace, but in their personal lives as well. The End of Men and The Richer Sex offer similar statistics and stories of the modern woman. The End of Men, bluntly starts off with the controversial question of, “What if modern, postindustrial society is simply better suited for women?”
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