Rise Of Zero Research Paper

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Zero was such a difficult concept to develop because Greek influences became an issue in the West involving numbers. Although in the East zero had an easier time developing. Nothingness is what the world came from and to attain nothingness became a goal of the people in the East. This void was actually considered a good thing and Hinduism actually created a goddess for the people to associate with nothingness. Aditi is the name of the Hindu goddess that was mentioned. She is the power of the void that creates the holy space to make room for the new creations. It was not surprising when India became the first place to treat zero as a number. An Indian mathematician by the name of Brahmagupta was the first person to ever write about zero…show more content…
It is crazy to think of but the arithmetic of zero can make large quantities vanish or it can also make small quantities explode. You may not think that zero is that powerful, but zero is actually powerful enough to move mountains, bridges or even stop a ship from moving completely. A few examples of disasters involving zero are on September 21st, 1997 the engines of USS Yorktown were performing maneuvers to get ready for battle off of the coast of Cape Charles, Virginia. Suddenly the propulsion system completely stopped working because zero was put incorrectly into the Remote Database Management software. Next incident was on I 35W bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 14th, 2007. This occurred because the determinant of stiffness matrix went to zero. This bridge collapsing took 11 people died. Another disaster incident that can occur is when the seismic-moment tensor has a zero determinant. The catastrophe of the earthquake in 1906 in San Francisco killed 3,000 people. Also there was a collapse on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State on November 7th, 1940 that was caused by aerodynamic flutter. The definition of aerodynamic flutter is a creeping around zero in the physics of the bridge that caused it to shake, rattle, and roll apart. Scary is an understatement when we talk about this last dangerous situation. Black holes are the largest holes that
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