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Rise in Prison Gangs Fueling Violence, Drug Trade – Canada – CBC News

The article presented on this paper reveals the problem of gangs and gang related violence in our nation’s institutions. Corrections Canada has seen a 44 per cent jump in gang members in federal prisons in the last five years, to 2,040 in 2012 from 1,421 in 2007, according to the documents obtained under access to information. The correctional service constructed a strategic framework for dealing with gangs in 2006, and implemented its gang management strategy in 2008, aiming to convince inmates to drop their affiliation and limit security risks. Gang numbers have continued to rise, according to one correctional service management document. It raises a number of
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Gang members in institutions recruit heavily and forge alliances to strengthen their power base and influence within the prison.
Candice Bergen, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Public Safety, has stated the government’s “tough-on-crime” legislation has taken more gang members off the streets and put them behind bars. “We have good programs that are in place, but it’s a continual challenge,” she told host Evan Solomon. “There is some relief that at least these individuals are not on the street. If they’re going to be involved in illegal activity, it’s better that they’re in prison and we can deal with them in a very controlled setting.” Bergen disregarded links between double-bunking and overcrowded conditions with violence and other issues behind bars.
However, NDP Public Safety critic Randall Garrison believes overcrowding alongside fewer programs and rehabilitation increases violence and fuels gang affiliation. “There’s that old saying about idle hands and the devil’s work,” he said. “I think this actually helps to fuel that spike in gang activity. People aren’t getting the programming and treatment they need in prisons and they turn to other things.” Liberal MP Wayne Easter said Conservative policies have turned a correctional system that once focused on rehabilitation and making people better citizens into a “warehouse for making better criminals.” “I think we’re going the way of the Americans”, he said. Correctional Investigator

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