Rise of Disciplinary Problems

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The rise of disciplinary problems among students in SMK Jalan Bunga To : The Principal of SMK Jalan Bunga, Sg. Panjang From : Mohd Badrul Akram bin Sazali (Head Prefect) Subject : Rise of Disciplinary problems Date : 12 October 2012 Recently, there has been a drastic rise in disciplinary cases among the students of SMK Jalan Bunga, Sg. Panjang. It has caught the attention of many teachers and myself as the Head Prefect of this school. We do not want this scenario to continuously ruin the good reputation of this school. A survey and interviews have been carried out to investigate the core reasons towards this alarming issue. It has been identified that there are many causes that have led to this serious problem.…show more content…
However, they do not actually realize the importance of practicing it in daily life. On top of that, financial problems also contribute to the students’ misbehavior. Due to lack of money, some students steal other students’ money or belonging . There have been many cases of money being stolen and bags with new books lost too. Although they can be categorized as underprivileged students, this does not give them the right to steal other peoples’ money and things. They should however be given help by the school authority. Apart from that, peer pressure is definitely one of the reasons why students are involved in disciplinary cases. Nowadays, there is a current trend where ‘good is bad’ and ‘bad is good’. The bad guys in school are seen as ‘cool’ and the good guys are seen as ‘nerds’. Thus, some students join these bad gangs to be well-known and if they do not join or do not carry out disciplinary problems, they may be labeled as ‘losers’. This will demotivate them thus in the end, they feel that they have no choice except for being a follower of the ‘gangsters’. If not, they may lose friends and power. On top of that, influence from mass media is also a factor. The mass media controls teenagers in many ways and especially in terms of behavior. The students tend to ‘copycat’ what they see in the internet, television, movies and etc. However, the sad
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