Rise of Gamification

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Rise of Gamification Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other. –Charles Lamb. Big brands are applying the game design thinking to non-game applications these days. More money is being invested by these brands in “Gamifying” their products & services. “Gamification” which was among the words of the year in 2011 has reached a tipping point in 2013. Gamification practice is not only being applied to Marketing but also in Workplace Behavior modification. Rewards & Incentives offered through this process targets the basic nature of man i.e. accomplishing at every round of life. The rise of easy-to-use platforms, such as “BigDoor” and “PunchTab”, and the inherent value of an engaged…show more content…
b. What’s Next – Think about what comes after the campaign before you launch to keep on the momentum. 7. Learn & Optimize So, why this Incentive Marketing work? Since, while developing the Incentive Marketing Campaign you will be leveraging the needs & wants of people to do things like: Enter a contest, share a video, like a Facebook page, visit a website, Subscribe to a newsletter, take a quiz, fill out a profile… Another important application of Gamification is modification of Human Behavior. This is where another interesting Gamification Framework come into picture i.e. Octalysis. It says Gamification is a design that places the most emphasis on human motivation in the process. In essence, it is Human-Focused design as oppose to Function-Focused design. Function-Focused design focusses on getting a job to be done quickly. While Human-Focused design considers that people have feelings, insecurities & reasons why they want to do something or not that directly affects the motivation of people. Some of the example brands that are using Gamification for marketing are Nike+ Fuelband & Accessories, Starbucks, Mc Donald, Coca Cola’s Shake It, Magnum Choclates Pleasure Hunt, Samsung Galaxy S4, Heineken’s Star Player Game, and many more. Let’s take Samsung S4: All Eyes on S4 campaign. “Pranksvertising” is a promotional method that is growing as a marketing trend for major enterprises. One example is “All
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