Essay about Rise of India Drug Industry

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The Rise of India’s Drug Industry pg. 187-188 (use the Hofstede dimensions in discussion why the companies or government made the decisions they did. 50% of your grade is answering the case questions. 50% of your grade is explaining how the Hofstede culture can explain the problem, actions taken and proposed solution) - Answer case question accurately (use chapter materials) - 50 points - Explaining how the Hofstede cultural dimensions influence the decisions taken (explaining the problem, actions taken and proposed solution) - 50 points How might (a) U.S. pharmaceutical companies (b) U.S. consumers benefit from the rise of the Indian pharmaceutical industry? The U.S. pharmaceutical companies have major benefits from India…show more content…
People from India see others inputs instead of the goals for themselves. America is seen as an individualistic culture. There is lower power distance in America because everyone is created equal. Within America, people seek their own personal goals instead of the good of others. America is more concerned about self while India seeks to help the world globally. The two different counties have to adapt to policies and procedures to respect exporting trade rights. This policy is known as the World Trade Organization. Who might have lost out as a result of the recent rise of the Indian pharmaceutical industry? Personally, I think that they main sector of people who are losing out on India’s pharmaceutical industry are those that are also in the same manufacturing business as them that are in different countries. India is doing such an incredible job being able to offer lower jobs to their citizens. For example India manufacturers in the U.S., therefore they are able as winners in this situation to increase volume in export, they also are able to receive a greater profit. On the losing side they will have way higher labor cost versus India. They also would have people losing jobs, just due to the fact that they couldn’t afford the high cost. In the hofstede culture, this idea of India constantly being a Power Distance country, they thrive off of being the best. Therefore, them winning in an industry of pharmaceutical sales, doesn’t
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