Rise of US to power during the 20th century Essay

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The U.S. Rise
     There were many factors that contributed to the United States’ rise and roles as a world power during the early 20th century. Presidential policies during this time period were the foundation of the U.S.’s role as a world power. The conflict in the Philippines was evidence of the U.S.’s ability to crush uprising and control a territory. The Spanish-American War demonstrates the U.S.’s role as a world power. Although the U.S. was only about a century old it’s influence drastically affected the whole world.
     Presidents during the 20th century developed and relied on many different policies involving foreign relations. President Roosevelt’s policy was “Speak softly
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Finally the U.S. passed the Jones Act of 1916 which allowed Philippino citizens to elect officials. After years of delayed independence the U.S. finally granted the Phillipines independence on July 4, 1916. The U.S. intervened in the Philippines in order to gain territory from Spain.
     Although President McKinley tried to avoid a war with Spain it seemed to be inevitable. The trouble began with journalism exploiting Spanish atrocities. Then, a battleship blew up and was falsely identified as a Spanish attack. The U.S. first took hold of a Spanish colony (the Philippines) which it later used as a stepping stone to trade with other countries. Then, they fought battles in Cuba (another Spanish colony) and conquered that along with Puerto Rico. By winning the Spanish-American War the U.S. gained a position as an imperialist country.
     After much bloodshed the United States secured it’s position as an imperialist and world power. Presidents such as Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson came under power and called for expansion and imperialism all over the globe. The United States’ choice of action in the Philippines was just one example of it’s imperialistic characteristics. The Spanish-American War brought a lot of power to the United States. During the early 20th century the United States of America became and stayed an imperialist power.

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