Rise of the Drones

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The Rise of Drones; The Civil and Social Use of Drones
The transformation of drones in the military to the civilian world is becoming a controversial topic throughout the U.S. Many American’s worry it will interfere on our privacy and freedom we are promised in the Constitution and 4th amendment because drones pose a threat and danger to our safety. The engineers of drones are increasing their intelligence and enabling drones to think on their own. This is a heated debate and I disagree with the use of drones being used in the civilian world and policing industry as a means to spy and survey Americans.
No less than fifteen to twenty years ago, the idea of drones peeping in on our phone calls, text messages, and e-mails was unheard of,
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When police search your house it is required for them to bring a valid search warrant, but since 2006 drones have been able to fly over at any time and spy on us. If we have no history of crime why should we be being watched? What is the usage of all the information drones capture? And where does it all go? Well, the FAA, who has also recently been charged with overseeing drone implementation says their focus is “totally on safety,” and “We are concerned about how it’s being used only to the extent it would effect the safety of the operation.” Says FAA spokesman Less Dorr. The FAA has released an estimated 1,500 civilian drone permits since 2007. Our country will become surveillance grounds for the government if the rise of drones continues.
The U.S. Governments views on drones are powerful and all for keeping drones in the U.S. system, involving the Congress, CIA and the FBI. The Congress and officials currently see out the drone mission or strike, but cannot limit it. The government has been extremely difficult in releasing information about drone strikes. The FBI and government have kept us in the dark dealing with the drone program. But just recently this year some of the records were released verifying the surveillance drones used on the American population. The spying program of the FBI is kept a secret giving the public even more reason to

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