Rise of the Machines Essay

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Are computers going to replace the human thought? How many times do you see yourself going to www.google.com or some other search engine to find even the simplest information? In the educational system more and more courses use and require some form of computer activity. One of the main concerns is that education used to be about research, problem solving, critical thinking, and human analysis. Now with the implication of computers, education is not about the research, it focus is how fast can you find the answer. The lazy point and click approach may have the answers, but has no real meaning to it. Computers are taking away not only basic skills, but the need to develop them at all. Too much of a good thing can be bad. A saying often…show more content…
Now that computers grant the illusion of the all access pass to information, they treated as the sole proprietor of research. Research was not intended to be an easy answer, and is the backbone to the educational system. The principles of success come from teaching, showing and understanding, never point and click. Having the answer is one thing, but education has never been about the answer. The one subject of education that has remained true to this concept is math, sure one could all bring up the calculator feature installed in all computers to get seven divided by two, but most math teachers never want the answer, they seek what matters, the work to support the answer. Research is supposed to take time, cause frustration, and evidently lead to more research. Going through chapters of a book looking for some form of specific information, with no easy access cheating system, that’s real learning it forces one to making observation, establishing connections, and applying deductive reasoning these are just a few key skills that computers eliminating. Serendipity. Time and time again discovery are made accidently. Computers allow no room for questioning, even if software programs direct a more charismatic focus on subjects, they channel only what is programmed, unlike a book and open room discussion, books never have all the answers, but they are not meant to, allowing the class to share the interpretation of the subject. With
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