Rising Achievements: Getting a Bachelor Degree

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Educating is very important to become a better person and have a better living. According to the Center for College affordability and Productivity “shorter time to completion of a degree dramatically reduces college costs perhaps as much as 25 percent.”( Vedder, Gillen, Bennett, et al.,25). College cost has been rising and some people do not have the money needed to pay for college. People that are attending college get financial help from the government or scholarships so there is no time to waist. They should be making the most of every second that goes by. Financial aid should be taken away if not abiding by the rules of the college, such as only getting financial assistance on classes necessarily needed this will promote students to seek other methods like choosing three-year BA, dual credit classes, advance placement, therefore college cost would be reduced. Even though having a bachelors degree within the four years is better because it helps give the student a “traditional college experience” it is taking time away from them. This decreases their chances of graduating because if they have a family they need to support them they will not be able to finish their degree. Who doesn't want to finish college a year earlier, everyone does. Staying in top of things is the best choice a person can make, specially if college cost gets reduce. It doesn't just benefit the person, but their family members. Finishing college in advance reduces college cost because the person
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