Rising Action In George Connell And Finney's Most Dangerous Game

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Most Interesting Plot Imagine a story with lots of action, well developed plot structure, and interesting resolutions while teaching life lessons. This is the dream of an enthusiastic reader. When reading a story, a reader looks for something that will quickly engage his or her attention. Rising action in a story satisfies this need. In “Most Dangerous Game” the main character faces many challenges, namely the danger of being stalked by General Zaroff, an avid hunter who idolizes hunting and has taken it to an extreme. Similarly, Tom in “Contents of A Dead Man’s Pocket” faces danger and possible death when he walks onto a high ledge. To help engage the reader, “Most Dangerous Game” and “Contents of A Dead Man’s Pocket” both use thrilling,…show more content…
Both climaxes deliver anxiety to the reader through intense, exciting action. First, the climax of “Most Dangerous Game” surprises the reader. “A man, who had been hiding in the curtains of the bed, was standing there. "Rainsford!" screamed the general. "How in God's name did you get here?" "Swam," said Rainsford. "I found it quicker than walking through the jungle" (Connell 52). This climax is very exciting and unexpected because the reader assumes Rainsford’s fate when he jumps off the cliff into the ocean. Now Rainsford confronts his hunter providing a climax that leaves the reader with anxiety, prodding him or her to read on. “Contents Of A Dead Man’s Pocket” also leaves the reader with unease at the climax. As Tom reaches for the paper on the dangerous ledge, the reader reaches with him. “He couldn't quite touch it, and his knees now were pressed against the wall; he could bend them no farther” (Finney 30). Uncertainty fills the reader’s mind in a similar way to “Most Dangerous Game”. In contrast Finney’s climax comes earlier in the story, which gives more time for the resolution of the story. These stories both have breath-taking climaxes, written to produce anxiety in the reader, nudging them to read on. Finally, the resolution of the stories shows the main difference between the two. Connell provides a dry resolution, giving few clues to the reader about the fate of Zaroff. After Zaroff loses the game, Rainsford confronts Zaroff, and

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