Rising Cost Of Higher Education

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I have selected to write about the rising cost of higher education in the United States. In mass media we see discussions of how expensive it is for students to afford admission to a four-year college, student debt being higher than it ever has in previous years, and how these consequences make it difficult for graduating students to attain social mobility. As a student, it is within my best interest to discover the social factors that influence the cost of attaining a college degree. Many of my associates have struggled with college due to the costs associated with it, and are individuals who I feel could be very successful if debt and budgeting was not as large of an issue. I feel that the pursuit for higher education is a goal to be valued, and students should not be heavily crippled by financial issues or debt in following this pursuit. It is in having understanding in the problem and the circumstances that influence it where we as a society can work towards an effective solution.

It is generally agreed that the cost of higher education has increased significantly over the past forty years. Tuition has increased by almost 500% since 1986. (Willie 2012: 1666) As of 2013, aggregate student debt has reached over $1 trillion. (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 2014) From the trends economists have seen, it is clear that the cost of education is quickly outpacing inflation. Because of this massive rise in cost over the years, economists have examined some of the factors
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