Rising Cost Of Tuition Essay

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The words tax and tuition once had nothing in common but the letter t at the start of each word. That is about to change and some say for the better while others cry foul. The rising tuition rate of many colleges is forcing new ideas on how to combat it. This issue of rising tuition rate gave light to the idea using taxes to help pay for tuition in a form of a scholarship.

This idea is being viewed as a savor for low-income families and students. However, the taxpayer already supports so much in the community. Then what are the college reasons for the rise in tuition. The review of the literature found this topic will explain each point of view on the tax for tuition issue.

College tuition and its rise is the heart of this issue. College tuition is rising, but
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A campus must cater to many different diets. This also applies to attracting college level athletes to attend their school. When Colorado State University is in session there are thirty one thousand students on campus. (Colorado State University). The college provides three meals a day for students. The rise in food cost has pushed the cost of tuition up along with it. The article found on cnn money provided this information on the wholesale price of eggs. The U.S. Department of Labor reported Wednesday that the price for wholesale chicken eggs had increased by 84.5% from May to June - the largest single-month jump since 1937, when the feds first started keeping records (CNN). The US department of Agriculture analyst Shayle Shagam stated in the same article “the price of a carton of eggs in New York was two dollars and forty-nine cents” (CNN). This may seem insignificant but eggs are the cornerstones of most recopies. Colleges have to feed the students the lawsuits would unimaginable if they did not provide this service. However, renovation to buildings such as Colorado University football facilities also plays a
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