Rising Cost of College Textbooks

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Ask any college student to state one of their largest expenses and it would be safe to bet the response would be “Textbook prices!” The cost of purchasing required materials for courses has reached numbers high enough to cause many students to take out second loans. Information released this year by the American Enterprise Institute shows that “College textbook prices have increased faster than tuition, health care costs and housing prices, all of which have risen faster than inflation” (Kingkade, 2013). This information equates to an 812% increase in the cost of college textbooks over what they were just over thirty years ago (Kingkade, 2013). The figure here shows an unusually large increase that has far outpaced that of average…show more content…
The new package costs $208.65, a nearly thirty dollar increase from the summer session. What this meant for those unfortunate students was they were now $180.00 more in debt. Again, the University of Delaware should not be putting students in the position of purchasing required textbook packages which they will be unable to sell back. By looking at these examples in the bigger picture, the vicious cycle created by publishers becomes evident. Students find themselves forced to buy the books the professors assign, they must buy them new in order to get special access codes, and then they have difficulty selling the books back. Not to mention the fact that the release of newer editions can leave many students stuck with a book they do not want and more debt they cannot afford. This cycle created by publishers works by continuously finding new ways to charge students full price for textbooks while simultaneously finding ways to release newer editions on an almost semester-by-semester basis. The result: increased textbook prices and an increasing financial burden on students. The question has become how can one best break this cycle and avoid putting themselves even deeper into debt? Students have begun finding their own solutions, some clever while others are illegal. A
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