Essay on Rising Professional Sport Ticket Prices

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Rising Professional Sport Ticket Prices COMM/105 Rising Professional Sport Ticket Prices The rise of ticket prices for sporting events in America has spiraled out of control into a nosedive that may prove to be impossible to recover from. Dedicated fans of most economic status are becoming more inclined to watch sporting events on television than ever before, turning many families into perpetual couch potatoes. This is a direct result of the current greed of professional sports as a whole and continued rising ticket costs. With price increases ruthlessly applied over the years, the impact of increased ticket prices on middle class, and even professional sports “sticking it” to their season ticket holders, the effects have become…show more content…
With the price increases out of control, the average middle class fan has been shunned out of the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience. The experience to walk through the tunnel of concrete for the first time and witness the monumental structure of a stadium. To smell the hot dogs, popcorn, and various sport required tools like rosin, pine tar, or freshly-cut grass is a memory that would last a lifetime. To be a part of a game that will be set in the record books, and to be able to tell grandchildren, “I was there when it happened,” is priceless. To have the access to watch a sports idol at a public venue is an incredible experience many children dream about. This dream is being shattered by ticket prices to these venues being too high for the lower and middle class to be able to attend. The National Football League’s Super Bowl, being the biggest American sports event of each year, now has become unreachable for the average consumer. The cost for a Super Bowl ticket in 1969 was a very comfortable and fair $12. In 2008, a Super Bowl ticket was a whopping $700! (MacMillan & Lehman, 2008) This price increase is totally uncalled for, but the stadiums are continuing to fill to capacity. Unfortunately, a large portion of the fans that fill stadiums are wealthy, or have saved for years to attend a single event. “Fans have complained for years that rising ticket prices- and new stadiums that emphasize boosting revenues through
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