Rising of Healthcare Cost

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The Rising of Healthcare Costs

Over the past 30 years, the American healthcare system has been afflicted by the continuous rise of healthcare cost. One of the reasons for the increase in healthcare cost is that in today’s society people are living longer lives than they did in the past and the prevalence rates of contracting chronic diseases and developing life threatening injuries are causing the United States healthcare system to suffer a financial crisis. Another reason for the rise in healthcare cost includes but is not limited to expensive hospital visits, complex procedures, and cost of prescriptions. Consumers find several ways to reduce healthcare cost for the insured and uninsured individuals. Some patients questioned where
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The U.S. Dept.of Health and Human Services operate care centers for uninsured Americans, fees are charged based on income. Uninsured patients should find a community health center near them. Health fairs offers screening exams at a much lower costs than at typical medical facility, no prescription or physicians’ order is necessary for an appointment. HealthFair mobile units offer free or low-cost healthcare solutions to qualifying patients. Any participating medical facility, such as hospitals, clinics or nursing homes, is obligated to provide a designated amount of free healthcare or at greatly reduced cost each year. For the uninsured women, the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program delivers free or low-cost mammograms and pap smears, all 50 states offer this program, providing early detection and treatment services for breast and cervical cancers. Planned Parenthood offers support with ACA issues, such as determining whether you are eligible for Medicaid or assisting you with a health plan purchase on the Marketplace. Mini clinics treat uninsured patients who can pay cash, some accept Medicaid. Preventive care is proven to be the best way to lower overall healthcare
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