Risk Analysis for Terrorist Targets

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Terrorist's targets Terrorist organizations do not randomly choose their targets. Before they settle on a specific target, they have to do a lot risk analysis. In the recent past, it was so unlikely for terrorists to strike military targets. Terrorist activities are presently politically motivated. These organizations have presently taken to striking high profile political targets that draw much media attention. It is now very common to see terrorists shelling commercial centers. Factors that terrorist groups consider before choosing their targets have been lumped into two. These are crave for media attention and minimal loss of life (Hoffman, 1998). Because terrorist organizations rely on public support, they endeavor to put human casualties at bear minimum. This is especially true for western style terrorists. However, with religious fundamentalist terrorism, terrorist activities result into massive loss of lives and civilian casualties. This can be exemplified in September, 11 twin terrorist attack on World Trade Center. Meanwhile, the factors that terrorist organizations consider before settling on their targets cannot be confined to propaganda of the deed. From a terrorist's perspective, targeting is informed by a definite logic. This is where the propaganda of logic comes in because terrorists will always select targets that would draw people's attention and in the process inform, educate, and rally people's support behind their course. In spite of the popular

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