Risk Assesments Essay

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Planning a safe sporting activity Task 3 Describe three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment (P4). Explain three procedures used to promote and maintain a health and safety sporting environment (M3). Analyse three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment. The Football Spectators Act was introduced in 1989 because of the incident at Hillsborough which lead to many people being killed. The Hillsborough disaster occurred during the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on the 15th April. This was where 96 people died due to a lack of attention on the steward’s behalf. This was because they had opened up a tunnel leading into one of the…show more content…
This helps explain how the facility will run on a standard basis. Part of the standard operating procedure outlines safe working practices that will enable staff to conduct safety checks to help reduce risks and hazards and to make sure everything is safe for the public to use. Quality Checks To manage and maintain safe working practices, management should carry out quality checks (quality assurance) and audits against these standard operating procedures. Checks or audits may be carried out: Internally: management check lists and company audits Externally: some facilities subscribe to quality standards e.g. Quest, Investors In People (IIP), that are monitored by people from the awarding body. Quality standards are sought after by sports organisations that can use the achievement of high standards to promote the safety of their facility Safety checks Safety checks should be carried out to eliminate the risk of putting the safety of people attending a sporting event at risk. A football stadium could carry out safety checks in a number of areas, prior to a match, to ensure its health and safety procedures are in place. A pro forma checklist should be provided and should link directly to standard operating procedures/safe systems of work. Safety checks carried out include ensuring that: * Fire escapes are clear * First aid boxes are full * Steward ratios to spectators are correct * Steward duties and rosters fully
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