Risk Assessment For A Fictional Enterprise

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Risk Assessment for a fictional enterprise Part-1
First i would like to introduce briefly about the concept of Risk assessment and then about the Threat for the vulnerabilities . Risk Assessment
Introduction :-
Risk Assessment can be determined as two values of risk .
Quantitative value of risk and
Qualitative value of risk.
And these are related to a particular situation and a recognized threat . The quantitative value of risk is measured by calculating two values i.e components of risk which is denoted by letter R . First the magnitude of the potential loss denoted by L and probability denoted by P that the loss will occur . The risk that which can be tolerated and understood is called
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The organization we are considering in this paper to analyze the risk assessment is a medical practice with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that we will call “Medco” containing patient information . It is needed on 24/7 basis as this is a cardiology specialty and is used in clinic rooms AND importantly, it is used by emergency physicians in the local trauma center for treatment of patients suffering from life threatening heart issue.This requires a WAN connection to be made available 24 hours a day.
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) :-
EMR contains standard medical,clinical data gathered provider’s office. It go beyond the data collected in the provider’s office and include a more comprehensive patient history. They are
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