Risk Assessment Of Information Technology

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Risk Assessment in Information Technology Katherine A. Davis-Anderson American Military University Professor Jenelle Davis Risk Assessment in Information Technology This paper will address risk assessment in Information Technology and discuss factors used to identify all kinds of risks in company network diagram. It will also assess the risk factors that are inclusive for the Company and give the assumptions related to the security data as well as regulatory issues surrounding risk assessment. In addressing the global implications, the paper will propose network security vulnerabilities and recommend the mitigation measures for the vulnerabilities. Cryptography recommendations based on data driven decision-making will be assessed, and develop risk assessment methodologies. Risk assessment in Information Technology Risk assessment is one of the mitigation methods for the Networks design. The scanners or vulnerability tools are used to identify the risks or vulnerabilities within the network design. The risks can be identified by these tools as they extend beyond software detects to incorporate other easily vulnerabilities including mis-configurations (Rouse, 2010). The shareware assessment tools are accessible online and can be used to supplement commercial scanners. Framework of risk assessment • Step 1 – categorizing information and information systems. Here unique department traits are highlighted and assigned impact levels (high, medium or low) in line with
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