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Risk Assessment Paper
CJA 374 Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes

Xander’s Overview
Xander is a part of a local gang, and has a prior juvenile record for purse snatching, breaking and entering and drug possession. Xander had previously served one year in the juvenile correction and was previously placed on probation twice. He was recently arrested for possession of a concealed weapon (LA 14:95 illegal carrying of weapons), which he has plead guilty for. Xander has had no contact with his father and currently lives with his mother in a housing complex. He has a very supportive, but disapproving mother, and has not completed his high school education or equivalency diploma (LexisNexis,
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March 4, 2013 (0800 Hrs) I have been here a little over a month now, everything is going pretty good. I am able to call and talk to my mom pretty often. Classes are going good. Not all people here are trying to change but, I am wanting to. These classes have taught me a lot, and I am doing well in class I hope to take my G.E.D. test before I get out of here and try to make my mother proud. Until next time…
I would like to have had more information about what type of gang that Xander was affiliated with, the duration of time that he had been with them, the type of gang activities that they conducted and maybe a little more history. I would have also liked to have known how the concealed gun was found on Xander, was he in the commission of a crime especially if it was a felony, that would have possibly changed the degree of charge he may have gotten.

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Xander L. is a 17-year-old African American male and documented gang member. His prior juvenile adjudications include purse snatching, breaking and entering, and drug possession. His first juvenile adjudication occurred when he was 13 years old. He has served a year of custody in the juvenile correctional facility and has been placed on probation twice
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