Risk Assessment of Terrorism

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Introduction A risk assessment happens to be a crucial element in recognizing mitigation measures. It comprise of evaluating capability, cause, chance, and targeting. Assessing threats accurately is a challenge for many countries. In most instances, attaching concerns to tangible and prospective threats to a country security that is mostly open to policy makers remains a problem. Even agencies that are generously and of highly, superior intelligence struggles to plan logical and well-timed threat assessments across the security scale. Risk assessment Terrorism is a main challenge to assess the threats associated with the issue. The act comprise of unstructured associations of extremely mobile individuals, whose objectives are nearly impractical to weigh without access to consistent and appropriate human intelligence as terrorist groups remain indefinable. Nevertheless, assessing the threats from terrorist in the recent years is a significant preoccupation for security agencies found in the Western countries. Faced with the common, destructive nurture related to international terrorism common in the contemporary world, evaluating the degree and the threat scope is critical (Zanders et al 2000). This makes selection of threats to help choose appropriate measures to defend the state interests, which is a main concentration for political leaders in Western countries. The fear that many terrorists resorts to usage of mass destruction weapons is nothing unusual. The range of
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