Risk Assessment on Housekeeping department

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Health and Safety Executive Example risk assessment for general office cleaning Setting the scene Smith’s Cleaners provide commercial cleaning services to businesses, and employ 20 part-time cleaners. They recently won a contract to clean two floors of an office complex in a city centre, Monday to Friday. Three cleaners, working every day from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm, machine clean hard floors in the reception, kitchen and toilet areas and generally clean the offices. If a regular cleaner is sick or on holiday, a temporary worker from an agency is used. The offices have 24-hour security cover. The contracts manager did the risk assessment. How was the risk assessment done? The manager followed the guidance in Five steps to…show more content…
All staff 7/8/07 2/8/07 ■■ Contact with bleach and other cleaning chemicals Cleaners instructed to wear sensible shoes, eg flat shoes with a good grip. Staff reminded to wash gloves after use. Manager 31/8/07 2/8/07 ■■ Provide new mopping system – long-handled wringer, to reduce force needed to squeeze mop, and a bucket on wheels to reduce lifting and carrying (see ‘slips, trips and falls’). Manager 31/8/08 System delivered 8/8/08 2 of 3 pages Health and Safety Executive What are the hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are you already doing? Work at height Staff risk bruising and fracture injuries if they fall from any height. ■■ Machine cleaning of floors Staff and others risk injury from improper use of the machine, eg if the machine were to buck and hit feet or ankles. Lone working Electrical What further action is necessary? No need for staff work from stepladders etc and they are instructed not to do so. ‘No standing on chairs’ policy. Staff trained in safe system of work for cleaning stairs. ■■ Machine provided is the right machine for the job. Cleaners trained in the safe use of the machine. Machine regularly examined by a competent person and maintained as necessary. ■■ Cleaners
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