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Winn Dixie: Logistical risk assessments and their level of uncertainty I am the manager at Winn Dixie Logistics. My organization is responsible for the management of six distribution warehouses located in Baldwin, Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami, Florida; Hammond, Louisiana; and Montgomery, Alabama. Our transportation experts oversee our supply chain and ensure that products are delivered safely and on time to more than 480 stores throughout the Southeast. Timely and high-quality delivery is essential for the company to function. Food products are often very tricky to ship and the company must meet both legal and company-specific standards. For every potential order, a wide variety of elements can go wrong, spanning from spoilage to damage to delays, all of which make the final product unsuitable, resulting in potential losses for the company and disappointed customers. To improve the chances of successful delivery, Winn Dixie has instituted the Case Integrity Standard for evaluating all products, which means that all products on retail shelves must be flawless, all units within the case must be flawless, and packaging must be without flaws and close to its original condition (Winn Dixie Routing Guide, 2012, Winn Dixie:13). Damage to shipments is one of the first risks that must be contended with: there must be a certain allowance for products that will not meet the Case Integrity Standard when making orders. Common problems include past due dates, crushing, leaking,

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