Risk Description Mitigation Plan Contingency Plan

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Risk Description Mitigation Plan Contingency Plan Risk Type: People 1 Staff turnover Experienced staff will leave the project before it is finished. Workers should have strong motivation for work in terms of monetary or other rewards. II. Workers should be appreciated for what ever effort they put in the project. III. In case workers deliberately ignore their responsibilities, some kind of penalty shall be placed on them. Therefore there shall be some balancing threat to make them work. IV. Close monitoring shall be kept to know the status of work done by each individual and obtain any kind of possible hurdles Explain the remaining employees the reason for turnover and motivate them and offer benefits so that they is no further…show more content…
Hence all possible errors should be tested and verified carefully prior to system delivery. 5 Information and File Sharing Multiple users are working on multiple files at the same time may cause un-updated information and data files. To have a shared folder for collaboration of the the data and put in a proper communicating place and compile codes frequently to ensure its in good working order. In case, there occurs an anomaly, back up team should be assigned the task to reclassify the data and make an organized backup 6 DEVELOPER RUN AWAY WITH CODE/DOCUMENTS Whenever some new employee is hired, a contract shall be signed clarifying the ownership of the code / design created by the employee. II. There shall be some surety bond filled by the employee that he/she may not take away the technical material or shall not sell to other outside parties. III. If so, there shall be some legal penalty to prevent such theft Proper configuration management should be practiced so that if latest version is lost then at least one previous version remains available. So that project can be resumed from one step behind. II. This may cause in little tightening of the schedule and therefore shall be prevented by the rescheduling of the work by putting over time effort Risk Type : Organisational/Business 7 Supply
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