Risk Drinking Among Local Youth Aged 18-24

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Exercise 1: A health promotion team plans a program to reduce the level of risky drinking among local youth aged 18-24. Based on recommendations from researchers who had run a similar program in New Zealand, the Australian team design a mass media campaign as one component of the overall program. a) Discuss why the team might want to evaluate the mass media campaign before implementing it and identify the type of evaluation that they would be conducting. Justify your reasoning with appropriate references (6 marks). David Dunt in Population Health, Communities and Health Promotion (2009, p.268) states: “an evaluation aims to assess the value or worth of a health program that is designed to produce specific changes”. Dunt links evaluation…show more content…
This information give insight to how they should Exercise 2: In response to an identified need, an organisation with 500 workers implements a workplace health promotion program to improve physical activity levels among its employees. The program has two main objectives: 1. To increase employee awareness of the workplace health promotion program. To meet this objective the organisation holds monthly information sessions, distributes a quarterly newsletter and sets up a dedicated web page that explains the benefits of regular physical activity. 2. To increase the number of employees using the existing workplace physical activity facility by the end of 12 months. a) Describe ONE relevant process evaluation measure and ONE relevant impact measure for Objective 1 and support your answer with appropriate references (4 marks). A process evaluation is an evaluation that is conducted while the program is still running, and focuses on how the program was implemented and how it operates (Dunt 2009). To measure the effectiveness of the program and if the objectives are met. One way of evaluating if the employees are reaching the goal based on the objectives is by contductin randomized controlled tiral An impact evaluation measures short term outcomes for the
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