Risk Factors For Adolescent Drug Abuse

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Risk Factors for Adolescent Drug Abuse
There are an abundance of risk factors that can relate to the contribution of drug abuse in adolescents. The primary risk factors can be divided into two main categories: social and emotional triggers. Social factors play an important role because during the adolescent years it can be an extremely emotional and physically tough time for teens to transition through. Adolescent phases are one of the biggest transitional stages in a person’s life because their bodies are going through changes they can’t control and they are trying to find themselves. By feeling out of control emotional or mentally of your body, or experiencing a mental or physical trauma can play a huge role in emotional triggers for drug abuse. And as coping methods to combat these changes, life experiences, and environmental stressors teens turn to drug usage.
Social risk factors that contribute to adolescent drug abuse are things such as family, friends, and community. Familial factors that can influence drug abuse in adolescents are minimal parent supervision or communication and family history of drug abuse. Studies have shown that parents who are less involved and interactive in their kids’ lives are more likely to have children that act out to get attention by using drugs. According to Cigna.com,”teens who feel that they are not connected to or valued by their parents are at greater risk.” And at an equally high risk are teens in in households where
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