Risk Factors For Sudden Agitations For Adults After Being Applied Anesthesia For Urological Surgery

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In this clinical report, the study investigates the risk factors for sudden agitations for adults after being applied anesthesia for urological surgery. The report defined agitation as a “sudden anxious state” (Kim 2014). The study included the patients’ medical history to ensure that the incident of “emergency agitation” was not linked to the patient. All the patients were undergoing urological studies. The patients were separated into control and experimental groups. Next, each patient was given different dosages of anesthesia. Afterwards, medical workers scored each patient from 1-10 on their level of “agitation”. The resulting data showed a positive correlation between the amount of anesthesia applied and the level of agitation in a…show more content…
5. In this research report, the report investigates the effect of ketamine, alfentanil, and oral midazolam on preventing agitation in children. Contrary to the previous annotated bibliography, the study investigates anesthesia that would prevent agitation. The study investigated 78 children undergoing urological surgery. Each child was randomly assigned 2 mg/kg ketamine, 10 ug/kg alfentanil or 1 mL of isotonic saline intranasally (Bilgen 2014). Researchers then determined the percentage of times the child would become agitated. The data revealed that agitation decreased most for the group applied with ketamine, and the least for the group applied with isotonic saline. Therefore, the study concludes that applying ketamine is most effective for reducing agitation. Nevertheless, all three anesthesia reduced agitation in children, albeit, in random amounts. The study’s strength were measuring a large sample (78 children), using different types of anesthesia to reduce agitation, and randomly assigning different anesthesia to different children. One of the flaws was limiting the study only to children. The study does not include how anesthesia would affect the general population. This study is relevant to my research because it presents an example of the benefits of anesthesia, showing
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