Risk Factors Of Breast Exams And Mammograms

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In the final project deliverable and memo/letter of transmittal, the group decided on the topic of “Motivating Underserved Populations to Have Breast Exams and Mammograms.” In this project, I found two peer-reviewed articles about the cultural barriers (and how to overcome them) between mammograms and Asian American women. These articles taught me how to better approach our audience and influenced the way I edited the sections, “What is Breast Cancer?” and “Risk Factors of Breast Cancer” to cater to our demographic. In addition, I found three more peer reviewed articles about breast cancer prevention, screening and diagnostic mammogram screenings, and risks of mammograms. I used these articles to write about the “Myths of Mammograms” and…show more content…
Her collaborative strength was keeping the team organized and supporting new ideas.
Grade: 92/100
Rationale: Candisse is a very supportive and hardworking partner in the group. She found great articles that were used in the “What is Breast Cancer” and “How to Prevent Breast Cancer” sections of the final deliverable. Furthermore, these sections were simple and concise for our audience. She utilized her strengths in concision when editing my sections, “What is a Mammogram” and “Myths of Mammograms.” While Candisse is deserving of full points, she did not contribute much to the assembly of the final deliverable and her sections lacked cohesion at times. Overall, Candisse was a great partner to work with throughout this final project. Part Two: Rhetorical Analysis
For the final project, the group utilized graphics to persuade readers to get a mammogram screening. Breast cancer and mammograms are impacted subjects and the large amount of information would only overwhelm our audience, Asian American women with minimal education and English proficiency. Thus, we used graphics to condense the information to better convince our audience to get a mammogram. Furthermore, we used logos and statistics to convince our secondary audience, the grant committee of the Susan G. Komen foundation, to fund Paul Hom Asian Clinic’s

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