Risk Factors Of Cerebrovascular Stroke And Its Recurrence Essay

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Risk factors of Cerebrovascular Stroke and its recurrence:
According to (Stroke Association, 2015 and WHO, 2016), the risk of recurrent CVS is up to fifteen times more than the risk of CVS and is concerned with insufficient control of risk factors and non-adherence to medical advice. So that, identification of risk factors of recurrence is an important role of the critical care nurses, plays a crucial role in further stroke recurrent prevention. The risk factors for stroke recurrence divided into two types:
A. Non-modifiable risk factors: individuals may not do anything to alter their stroke risk profile.
1- Age and Gender::
Stroke risk increases with age, doubling each decade after 55 years of age. Two third strokes occur in individual older than sixty-five years, but stroke, recurrent can occur at any age. Advanced of age increase liability to chronic disease, and respectively higher rate of stroke progression or its recurrence (Linton, 2015 and Grotta, et al. 2016). Regarding gender, strokes are more common in men for occurrence and recurrence, due to increase liability for stressors either physiological or psychological exposure (Hinkle & Cheever, 2013 and Lewis, et al. 2015).
2- Ethnicity and Genetic or family history:
African Americans have a higher incidence of recurrent cerebrovascular stroke and higher death rate from CVS than white people. In additional, black people are twice as likely to loss of life from CVS and higher incidence of recurrence (Lewis, et al.
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