Risk Information Sheet for Steven Company Essays

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Risk Information Sheet for Stevens Company conversion from the SQL Server database to the Oracle® Database.

Risk Rating
Management/Contingency Plan/
Initial Data Conversion for Stevens Company
Data conversion of the newly implemented system from the SQL Server/With the possibility of Data quality deterioration
Stevens Company must ensure that their project management team has a detail and thorough plan with contingencies. Also a creation of a test plan before the newly implemented system is put into place
According to (PC Mag 2015)”The error rate in a freshly populated new database is often an order of magnitude above that of the old system from which the data is converted.”
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This helps enhance decision making and any lack of communication issue with any members of the IT team, while helping focus on the conversion
Timely situations and issues really cannot be predicted, but they can be alleviated with upper management engagement at the beginning and not towards the end, when the project and issues are already at crossroads. Having an effective ERP and IT staff that is knowledgeable and aware of how important the conversion and forms of communication to and from management, IT Team is also vital
This is definitely a risk a, but it usually depends and is directly related to Personnel, the size of the company and upper management
Varies depending on the funding allocated 40%
During the Design Phase all financial risks as well as costs are usually analyzed and decided upon. During Implementation, regular monitoring as well as all IT staff, including people associated should be in direct communication, in the event that during the conversion, there is an issue that may be costly to the company.
According to (Popular Mechanics),”Strategies and contingencies in any business plan, has a to a general guide of some sort, because it is virtually impossible to predict financial issues that may arise during a conversion such as this due to the fact, this is artificial intelligence and its components”.The reality is, data conversions can be difficult, but having a sound financial strategy and knowledgeable IT staff to
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