Risk Is Becoming More And More Looked Into From A Company Standpoint

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Kenton SanMiguel BIS 347 Mr. McBride 10/18/14 Risk Midterm Paper Risk is becoming more and more looked into from a company standpoint. What it really boils down to is when something catastrophic happens to a company will they have the necessary plans of action ready. This is when the importance of IT department comes into play, especially with the role and direction that technology has taken in the last couple of years. The IT department does not just make sure that the company at the time has an efficient and effective computing environment, they plan for the future and put together plans of action against disaster occurrences. Depending on the type of business the company does depends on the information needed from the customer. When dealing with confidential information it is important to have secure plans of action by the IT department in place to stop intruders. The basic principal that the IT department takes into account when dealing with risks is what necessary actions can they put in place in order to keep a company’s goals, reputation and assets intact. With the importance of risks there are some constraints in planning against them and the key one is the resource limitations. Since most companies have a limited supply of resources the amount put towards future disasters can sometimes be low. Most companies would rather have those resources put into present work done by a company instead of plans for future disasters. This choice can turn out bad for

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