Risk Management : An Essential Part On Computer Security Planning

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Most probable and/or damaging risks
It is impossible to assure protection from all the treats, no matter how secure the system is. Planning for security isn’t possible. However, performing a full risk assessment of developing security protocols and enforcing control to avoid network devastation. Risk management plays an essential part on computer security planning. The risk analysis gives an idea to make an educated assumption regarding network security. The process of risk analysis identifies existing security controls, calculates current vulnerabilities, and evaluates the consequences. Any organization’s biggest asset is its data, because it just can not be replaced or modified. Data theft affects a company the most. The risk of this asset could be component failure, misuse of software and hardware, viruses, accidental or unauthorized data modification, etc.
Improvements: After analyzing all the risk, the next thing is to plan proactively. By developing security policies and controls, it brings down the risk of losing the valuable assets. A full risk assessment will determine the weaknesses in the security policies. For our client, every user is an administrator, That’s big flaw, there can only be one administrator. The administrator is responsible for adding users, installing software update, maintaining the system. There should be a password policy where it restricts to certain number of characters. Also, our client needs to implement a backup and restore policy. Since
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