Risk Management And Homeland Security

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Risk Management and Homeland Security
The nation’s homeland security is a very multifaceted environment which must be controlled to effective function at its highest potential. “The safety, security, and resilience of the Nation are threatened by an array of hazards, including acts of terrorism, manmade accidents, and natural disasters” (DHS., 2011). All together, homeland security agencies must manage risks at all levels connected with an array of components. Collectively, these external and internal risks have the potential to cause severe consequences like; fatalities, negative psychosocial impact, environmental poverty, and the government ability to control the country. Within this text, risk management within the homeland security
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It is a responsibility shared by federal, state, local, tribe, and territorial governments, private sectors, and the people of the nation to widen their spectrum and identify the many threats facing homeland security in regards to resource compromises and potential critical infrastructure threats.
Risk Management and Homeland Security Enterprise
Measuring homeland security risks is a demanding undertaking. This is directed to the nature of the risks and how each agency in the department handles the risks. Risk management is vital for homeland security leaders to highlight the contesting requirements and allow wide spread methods to measure performance and note progress. According to, (National Research Council, 2010), “The Secretary of Homeland Security has established the requirement for DHS to build and promote an integrated approach to homeland security risk management, working with partners across the homeland security enterprise.” Their responsibility in integrating risk management into a set of approaches is to develop safety, protection, and resilience throughout the country in attempts to counteract any risks or acts of terrorism. DHS was created for the people, and to protect and control the borders, enforce and manage immigration laws, assist in natural disasters, and provide support to the nation’s economic security. When it comes to homeland security enterprise, risk management approaches are necessary in protecting
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