Risk Management And Organizational Change Strategy

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Weavetech Risk Management and Organizational Change Strategy Risks. There are many potential risks associated with acquisitions and mergers. According to Allen (2014) risks include “ the miscalculations regarding the scale, scope and change management implications of the integration and the level of assimilation required” to make the transition a success. Another risk is would include the a lack of an adequate or strong communication strategy. Finally, a lack of identification or preparation to ensure key staff and core competencies are identified and a plan is in place to ensure they are retained could prove to be a major risk. In conclusion, it is important for our organization to ask the proper questions, identify the key players, identify the core competencies and align the organizational systems and people to mitigate the risk during an acquisition or merger. Risks will be thoroughly reviewed and plans put in place to ensure the success of the organization. Employee and Organizational Data. To prepare for the downsize effort, we will protect employee and organizational data and safeguard against potential legal liabilities by a thorough review of the company records privacy policy and employee files will include their name, position, salary, date of hire, work records, attendance, appraisals, EEO information, along with a review of employment files for completeness and consistency. Finding a lack of proper record keeping, control, security or failure to
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