Risk Management Assessment Paper

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Risk Management Assessment Paper
Ebonie Franks
University of Phoenix

Risk Management Assessment Paper The effort to decrease and evaluate risks to patients, staff, and organizational resources within a health care institution is defined as health care risk management. In order for facilities to minimize financial loss is to reduce accidents and injuries. All health care facilities and providers put risk management in to practice on a continuing basis. In 1985, the senior officers of the The Health and Human Services (DHHS) decided that there was a need to implement policies and procedures on risk management and risk assessment. There was a considerable amount of concern about how the advances in risk management and risk
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Another risk is an organizational risk. This type of risk occurs when the management commitment, political expectations, or legislative requirements to complete the project are impacted because the project does not proceed. This type of risk looks very bad on the organizations and makes the stakeholders question what type of organization they have invested in. Then you have technical risks. These risks are “associated with maintaining skilled staff, hardware and software dependencies, application software, other infrastructure needs, and security vulnerabilities and safeguards” (hhs.gov). This type of risk affects the organization is a major way. If not handled in a proper manner, the organization can be destroyed. The organization has to realize that the stakeholders are looking at this very closely. They want to know that the organization is serious about the staff and that they are skilled enough to handle what goes on in the organization. It is also important that no one is giving out improper information. In order to mitigate these risks, the organization needs to have proper education. How can a person with no education or experience solve any kind of risk problem? Of course to some people it is a natural instinct to know how to resolve issues but they still must have education to back up their
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