Risk Management At Asurion Corporation's International Growth Strategy And Its Corporate Development Efforts

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Gerald Risk Joined Asurion in 1999 as the CFO of Asurion. Asurion is the leading provider of mobile phone insurance to consumers here in the United States and overseas. Risk worked at Asurion ten years, mostly as Chief Financial Officer, then promoted to President few months later. As Asurion growth exploded along with smart cell phone obsession Risk work and responsibility tremendously increased. Risk is also involved in Asurion Corporation 's international growth strategy and its corporate development efforts. Risk helped it to achieve rapid growth since that time (Risk, 2013).
Risk’s fiancé department continued to operate as it always had, despite the fact that the company’s requirements and priorities were fluctuating. He received only one formal review in seven years and hadn’t gotten much feedback about where his group was falling short or what the rest of the company’s leadership team expected of him. All that changed when Asurion acquired its biggest competitor (Gerald Video Conversation, 2013). Risks’ challenges as a New Leader
What were the challenges? When they acquired their largest competitor and became 50% bigger. As a result of that Risk’s role has expanded and company management gave him additional responsibility as CFO of the combined company. But Asurion management was expecting more from him. Hence, they said to him, "Gerald, we 're giving you this opportunity to be the CFO of this much bigger company, but you need to step up
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