Risk Management At The Hospital Industry Essay

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Risk Management Introduction This risk management plan is directed at the Hospital industry which centres its attention at patient safety and risk management programming. Its main focus is on the issue of patient safety which is perhaps, the main concern at the Health Centres and Hospitals. The assignment would focus on the risk management plan which covers risk identification, analysis, response planning, monitoring and control as well. So as to consider the safety of the patients, the management devices a risk management plan basically a contingency plan for the Hospitals so as to formulate a distinct risk management strategy. In the hospitals; doctors, nurses, patients and other employees are frequently uncovered to contaminations and infections. There are various internal as well as external influences which make it necessary to implement risk management in hospitals and health care centres. RISK MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY Risk management has always been neglected by almost all kinds of organisations and only after a major accident occurs, the organisation become very serious and take proper steps in order to ensure their safety. Hospitals are the place where people come to be safe and healthy. Now the first duty of the hospital becomes to be self-protected and ensured of their safety, only then can they cater what they are meant for. Hospitals have huge footfall and the chances to any miss-happening is more in it compared to other organisation, in
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