Risk Management Course of International Business

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Recently, There are some personal reflections a great learning experience in the course of risk management of international business. I would like to share in this journal.

It has been a long time since I defined the most fundamental and strong motivation of corporations is maximizing business profit. Even after the proposal of corporation social responsibility, I assumed that only the result of unharmed business operation can make company start to consider social responsibilities and until they increased their profits they will remain no more than a bystanders from external issues be it social or environmental.

However the fact should be noticed is that nowadays more and more company started showing commitment to CSR, making investment decisions though ESG framework, labeling their products with FIO (Fairtrade Labeling Organization) and other measures that can benefit for the publics. Interestingly, most of the time public interests are conflict with profit maximization. Also when it comes to international businesses, the issue of sacrificing social interests to satisfy business ambition is even larger and more complex. For instance, in order to reduce the material cost, lots of MNCs like Nestlé purchased palm oil in Indonesia, which speeded up deforestation there, leading to extinction or near extinction of some creatures once lived there such as Orang Utan. Then I realized these thoughts of mine were only partly true after the analysis of varied reaction from Nestlé
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