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Risk Management 04-27-2011 Henry Rivera, JR. CMGT/442 - Information Systems Risk Management Abstract McBride Financial Services is currently opening an office in Sioux Falls, SD and requires a comprehensive risk assessment for McBride’s management team. The risk assessment should identify potential risks that could impact the operation of the business including; * The use of toxic chemicals in the vicinity of the business by manufacturing processes industrial solvents, blue print machines, etc. * Public transportation facilities that might handle the carriage of dangerous or hazardous substances, which could be involved in major accidents. * Potential targets of criminal activity. * Potential targets of terrorist…show more content…
The security measures that McBride pays for and utilizes will reduce the risk of such threat. Natural Disaster McBride's ground floor offices run the risk of being destroyed by natural disaster. A flood could occur and destroy all of the office equipment and the paper documentation could be destroyed as well. Since McBride wants to keep the oak and hardwood flooring run the risk of catching fire, which is why a good sprinkler system should be installed to keep a fire under control. The computers located onsite should be limited to only the company website to conduct business in a secure way. Since the customer only needs to access the company website from onsite computers, the need for privacy should be handled on the company's secure website. Passwords should be hidden from view with the use of asterisks instead of letters and the computer can be turned away from the door to the area while the customer faces the door. Toxic Chemicals Chemicals are a necessary part of any work location. They can be used in work processes, for cleaning, and other functions. Chemicals can be found in solid, dust, liquid, and gas or vapor forms. The company needs to identify all the chemicals used at the McBride facility. The individual chemical components should be listed for a safety review. Material Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS) will be obtained and stored onsite for

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