Risk Management Plan For Community Hospital

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Risk Management Plan for Community Hospital
Mission Statement
The Springfield Community Hospital was established on the belief that medicine can be practice at a higher level with each passing day. The belief is to continue to serve our community by practicing the highest quality of medicine known to the world, today. We will serve our community in sickness and health, regardless of where they come from in their walk of life. The Springfield Community Hospital is a non-profit organization and continues to give charitable donations yearly to multiple organizations. We will continue to create a supportive team environment for patients, employees, and clinical staff. Foster learning and growth through comprehensive academic and educational relationships. Exhibit stewardship and creativity in the management of all available resources.

The Springfield Community Hospital The Springfield Community Hospital is a 600 bed, acute care organization that offers all levels of medical care to the surrounding community that holds over 500,000 people in the city and surrounding counties. The hospital offers a level 1 trauma center that is equipped to handle any trauma or medical issues that a patient might have. There is all forms of surgeons on staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The healthcare organization offers multiple outpatient facilities to handle any medical issues.

The purpose of this risk management program is to help the Springfield Community Hospital maintain a
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