Risk Management Plan

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The process is primarily left to the project manager but it was decided during planning that risk managers will be appointed. Negative risk that may result in project failure are the most focused on. The process of risk management can be summarized as; risk identification, qualitative analysis, risk response and finally risk register.


The top three high probability and high impact risks to this project are:

Lack of commitment
The fact that most of the group members are working while studying, posses a big challenge in terms of commitment during group meetings.

Tasks not being completed by deadline.
Tasks that have been assigned to the group members would probably be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. Group members might face various challenges while doing their task. some tasks depend on other tasks being completed before starting them and if this task are not completed on time it may lead to project delay affecting other areas of the project.

Ineffective communication
Communication is key in any group work; communication enables group members to know what to do and when to do it. The method of…

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