Risk Management Program For New Employees

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The risk management program in any business, especially in a health care organization is an integral part of its day to day operation. The purpose of the risk management department is summed up by Kavaler & Alexander (2014), “…a program designed to reduce the incidence of preventable accidents and injuries to minimize the financial loss to the institution should any accident or injury occur” (p. 5). Protecting employees, patients, vendors and visitors is an ongoing process and one that needs to be updated when the healthcare organization has deemed necessary. This paper will demonstrate the importance of presenting the risk management program to new employees, compliance with the standards set forth by the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), propose recommendations or changes needed to further improve the program, as well as examine the administrative process of managing a risk program.
Presenting Risk Management Program to New Employees
Even before an employee is presented with offer of employment letter, the process of presenting the risk management program begins with ensuring the person is physically capable of doing the intended job as well as documenting any physical disabilities or limitations he/she may have and documentation of specific immunizations. This exam should be completed by the health care organization’s occupational health physician. Proper certification of clinician’s license and other credentials, finger printing and conducting a

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