Risk Management Project Part 1 Task 1

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Tony Stark Risk Management Project Part 1 Task 1 Introduction A risk management plan is important for any business or organization regardless of the business’s or organization’s size. In the case of the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS), a risk management plan is critical in making sure the data that DLIS handles is protected. Loss or stolen information from DLIS can affect military assets. A plan needs to be made to be able to follow procedures in the event of an incident and to help mitigate data loss. Risk Management Outline 1.0 Introduction 2.1 Purpose and Objectives 2.0 Identify Threats 3.2 Attacks from the Internet 3.3 Hardware or software failures 3.4 Loss of Internet…show more content…
ibilities Senior Management: * Responsible for all organizational risk * Develops strategic initiatives associated with risk and risk management * Ensures necessary resources are applied effectively * Assigns and manages risk management responsibilities throughout the organization * Assesses and incorporates results of risk assessment into decision making IT Management * Supports the organization’s information systems * Responsible for planning, budgeting, and performing information system security * Works with individual and organizations to ensure proper implementation of risk management plan * Adheres to risk management plan, compliance requirements, and audits * Develops business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident response plans System and Information Owners * Responsible for ensuring that proper controls are in place * Responsible for changes to the IT systems * Approve changes to systems * Understand and support the risk management process Information Security (IS) Management * Includes IT security program managers and computer security managers * Responsible for organization’s security program, including risk management * Introduces appropriate structures and methodologies to help identify, evaluate, and minimize risk Functional Management * Responsible for business operations and IT procurement * Makes trade-off decisions regarding system security * Enables achievement of

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