Risk Management Techniques For Construction Projects

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Construction industry is a risky and there is no other industry that requires proper application of business practices as much as construction industry. The main objective of this research is to gain understanding of risk factors faced by building projects. The study also aims to investigate the effectiveness of risk preventive and imitative methods. From this Research paper, we can find the most important risk factors are: financial failure of the contractor, Environmental risk like natural disasters, closure, defective design and delayed payments on contract. On the other hand, owner respondents concluded that the most important risk are: awarding the design to unqualified designer, defective design, occurrence of accidents, increase in material cost and inaccurate quantities.

Research Paper on Risk Management Techniques for Construction Project
These are the 7 types of the risks that are mainly occurs in the construction projects in the real world.1.Technical Risks: Incomplete Design, Inadequate specification, inadequate site investigation, Change in scope Construction procedures, insufficient resource availability 2. Construction Risks: Labor productivity, Labor disputes, Site condition, Equipment failures, Design changes, too high quality standard and new technology 3. Physical Risks: Damage to structure, Damage to equipment, Labor injuries, Equipment and material fire and theft 4. Organizational Risks Contractual relations, Contractor’s experience, Attitudes
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